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Are you getting ready to travel?  Click any of the guides above to view the coupon guide online.  Take our guide or coupons with you when you are traveling to help save you money on your hotel stay. Print your hotel coupons ahead of time, click to view the hotel coupons above, print out the coupons for the hotel in the area that you will be traveling and take the coupon with you before you travel.

If you are taking a road trip and not sure where you will end up…take the coupons with you when you travel on your mobile device or pick up a copy of our guide at many rest stops along the interstate . 

Some hotels will require you to have the printed coupon in hand to present upon check-in and others will accept the coupon straight from your mobile device.  Present the coupon to the front desk and if the discounted hotel rooms are available you will receive the hotel discount.